Volunteering in Archaeology in Savannah

The Society for Georgia Archaeology (SGA) has been around for many decades and is a blend of professionals and amateurs. It has several regional chapters and in our area, this is the Coastal Georgia Archaeological Society (CGAS). There is also a chapter in Brunswick called the Golden Isles Archaeological Society. The next bi-annual meeting of the SGA is at Fernbank Museum in Atlanta on April 26, 2008. More information about the SGA and its programs can be found at their website: http://thesega.org/

On the opposite side of the river is the Archaeological Society of South Carolina (ASSC). It has annual meetings in the Columbia area. A very active chapter is located on Hilton Head Island. The ASSC has a very interesting meeting and low country boil date coming up on April 19. More information at their website: http://www.assc.net/

Some of these chapters get involved in excavations. most of the time they get monthly speakers on archaeology topics and have seasonal get-togethers. Some professionals involve these groups in their excavations, although increasingly liability issues and client requirements prohibit this. Our organization, The LAMAR Institute, Inc., will use volunteers on a selective basis. Other potential local opportunities to volunteer include the Coastal Heritage Society. The next event where a volunteer would be useful is their Archaeofest on May 31. It is geared mostly for kids. Their website is http://chsgeorgia.org/

The LAMAR Institute (http://lamarinstitute.org) is currently seeking volunteers for a project at the Kettle Creek Revolutionary War battlefield in Wilkes County, Georgia, June 12-17. More information on it is at the AIA Fieldwork Opportunities website: http://www.archaeological.org/webinfo.php?page=10036&search_region=1

There is also the Topper Site in Allendale County, which is a long-term excavation by my friend and colleague Dr. Al Goodyear. His website is: http://www.allendale-expedition.net/

As far as recording archaeological sites in the files, this is something that individuals can do, and are encouraged to do. The State of Georgia keeps its archaeological site inventory at the University of Georgia. More info on that is at: http://shapiro.anthro.uga.edu/GASF/

To learn about archaeology ethics, information can be found at the Register of Professional Archaeologists, http://rpanet.org/displaycommon.cfm?an=2

There is also information about Archaeology and Volunteers at the Society for Historical Archaeology at: http://sha.org/EHA/secondary/volunteer.cfm


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