Glen Mary Plantation

Glen Mary plantation is a shining white gem in the green landscape of piedmont Georgia. Its owner, Marilyn Meyers, secured a grant from the Save America’s Treasures program of the National Park Service to document and preserve this important cultural complex.

Glen Mary at Sunrise

Initial archaeological investigations of the Glen Mary plantation in rural Hancock County, Georgia were conducted by the LAMAR Institute over one weekend in 2004. This limited effort identified several areas around the grounds of the manor house at Glen Mary that may have archaeological significance. Shown below is archaeologist and historic preservationist Tracy M. Dean uncovering a previously unknown walkway that lead to the main entrance of Glen Mary. In addition to her budding skills as an archaeologist, Tracy is an accomplished architectural historian. Recently, Tracy completed an extensive inventory of the built historical architecture of Hancock County for the Georgia Department of Natural Resources. The report of the Glen Mary plantation work is available for free online download as a .pdf file at this link. 84. Preliminary Archaeological Examination of the Glen Mary Plantation, Hancock County, Georgia. By Daniel T. Elliott, 2004 (0.7 MB).

Tracy Exposes Walkway


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