Extract from SPCK Annual Report for 1773

Some Account of the Saltzburghers Settled at Ebenezer, Georgia, 1773.

The Reverend Mr Triebner, in a Letter dated, June 1774, after expressing his Sense of the Divine Mercy, had favoured him with so good a State of Health for the two last Years that he had been very seldom interrupted in discharging his Duty, acquaints the Society that the Word of God had made a good Impression on the Minds of many, among whom were some who had before shown an Aversion to Religion; several secure and profane Persons having, through Sickness and other Afflictions, been brought to ah earnest Reflection on the State of their Souls, and convinced of the Necessity of Repentance, and Faith in our Lord Jesus Christ.

He thanks the Society for all Favours, particularly for the kind Present which they had made him of £20, to enable him to engage a proper Person to undertake the Care of the School; but informs them that, notwithstanding all his Endeavours, it had not been in his Power to procure one. A worthy Man, qualified to teach English and German, was not to be found among his People, and he was fearful of entrusting the Children to a Stranger, with whose Principles and Conduct he was not sufficiently acquainted. He had therefore continued to teach them himself, and, if it pleased God to strengthen him, would proceed in the Work as much as the other Duties of the Congregation would permit. He laments however that the poor Circum(lances of the Generality of the Parents, who need the Assistance of their Children, particularly in Summer, together with the Want of a faithful Master, who could be employed the whole Day, will not allow of the School’s being kept in. the Afternoon as well as Morning.

In the Spring of the Year 1773 eighteen young Persons, who had undergone a five Months Preparation, were admitted the first Time to the Lord’s Supper, having previously renewed their Baptismal Covenant in the Presence of the Congregation; and thirteen were admitted in the fame manner on Easter-Monday last. Notwithstanding the dissolute Manners which prevail among the Youth of the Province, Mr Triebner has the Pleasure to declare that those of his Congregation mow for the most part a sincere Disposition to attend Publick Worship, and to learn, good Principles.

In the last Year he baptized 36 Infants, some of whom were of English Parentage, together with 4 Negro ones, buried 22 Persons, and married 17 Couple. From 35 to 40 Children at Ebenezer, 32 at Bethany, and 20 at Zion were instructed in the Principles of Religion, Reading, Writing* and Arithmetic.


Society for Promoting Christian Knowledge

1774      Some Account of the Saltzburghers Settled at Ebenezer, Georgia, 1773. An Account of the Society for Promoting Christian Knowledge. J. and W. Oliver, London, England.


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