Animal Tales from the Birdhouse

Lookin Out My Front Door, I see my full-size and slightly overweight labrador retriever Caledonia jumping repeatedly high in the air, directly underneath the bird feeder. As I walk nearer, I see the problem, a fat squirrel is trying to climb up the metal rod that suspends the bird feeder from the pecan tree, but try as he/she might, the squirrel cannot reach the top of the rod, and so he/she slides back to the roof of the bird feeder and immediately tries it again with the same effect. This goes on for about 1 minute, which is 7 minutes in dog, and what must have seemed an eternity to the squirrel. Finally, after I shook the bird feeder a few times trying to end this stalemate, the squirrel reached the top of the rod and made it to freedom, this time. Good dog, Caledonia!

One Response

  1. Why didn’t you just shoot the squirrel and have it for breakfast? I’m sure Caledonia would have appreciated that, even if not all the rest of the Soapstone family.

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