Take this Job

When I was a young lad in college, I took a summer job canning drinks for Coca Cola. It was a hot miserable job on an evening shift, where we made millions of canned cola that summer. One afternoon before heading to work, my father and I lay in two rope hammocks in our front yard on Soapstone Ridge, DeKalb County, Georgia. One of our neighbors, Dr. Driggers, was hosting a barbecue fundraiser for Sheriff Pat Jarvis’ reelection campaign. My father and I had absolutely no interest in attending and our conversation dealt with antiquities, family lore, and fresh work experiences. As we swang and talked our conversation was suddenly shattered by the amplified strains of Johnny Paycheck and his band with a strong intro to his hit song, “Take This Job and Shove It”. Startled at first and then without speaking, my father, who had recently retired after 35 years at the Ford Motor Company factory, and I, simply smiled at each other and enjoyed the song. Johnny sang the entire song, followed by silence. We continued to swing without speaking for another 20 minutes, then I got up, climbed in the family Ford and drove to work. I thought of that moment when I heard the recent news story about Mr. Slater and Jet Blue. Payday was never like this!


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