Fort Hawkins Visitor’s Center, Et Cetera

Hello World!

Here is a link to a short film produced by the City of Macon for the GRAND OPENING of the Fort Hawkins Visitor’s Center in 2014. Goto:

See if you can find Rita in this movie. Hint: I am not sure whether or not she is in there, but look carefully!

ALSO, hence the Et Cetera in the title of this blogpost, I encourage the curious to visit the LAMAR Institute’s Reports webpage to see new additions to the online library. AND more LIPS [LAMAR Institute Publication Series] Reports are coming very soon!

For reports, visit:

Or if that address is too complicated, goto: and then click on Reports.

The pictures shown below are of the visitor’s center during its construction, along with the latest plan map of Fort Hawkins, which will appear in an upcoming book on Ocmulgee Archaeology by the University of Georgia Press (not sure when exactly). It is an edited volume of papers, by Daniel Bigman, PhD., and my contribution on Fort Hawkins forms one of the chapters. I hope it falls within my price range (and yours)!FortHawkinsDecember2013- (16) FortHawkinsDecember2013- (1) Forthawkinsvisitorscenter-WoodyMarshallMaconTelegraph2-10-14 FortHawkins2014forBigman

Your buddy,

Dan aka “tinky winky”


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