SnowVision NEH Grant Awarded!

Out esteemed colleague and friend Karen Smith emailed me the exciting news of her NEH grant awarded this past week for the SnowVision project. While I am only a tiny cog in this plan, it is a great step forward for Swift Creek research in southeastern North America. Congratulations to Karen and her collaborators!!!

I look forward to working with you on this project, which is:

South Carolina Department of Natural Resources Outright: $323,668
[Digital Humanities Advancement Grants]
Project Director: Karen Smith; Song Wang (co-project director); Colin Wilder (co-project
director); Jun Zhou (co-project director)
Project Title: SnowVision: A Machine Learning-Based Image Processing Tool for the
Study of Archaeological Collections
Project Description: The expansion and extension of a set of machine learning-based
tools designed to assist scholars with identifying and classifying artifacts from
archaeological sites based on design motifs.

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