Pandemic Pandemonium? We have a cure–well, almost.

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LAMAR Institution Outreach Archaeology


The LAMAR Institute is pleased to offer a variety of free, online resources for educators (K-college) and students. This includes videos for all ages, archaeology reports (for college undergraduate and graduate students and upper level high schoolers), and curricula/lesson plans for 4th-12th grades. Many items on the list are from LAMAR Institute; some are links to other sites. Enjoy!
From Ironclad to Artifact: The Journey of the CSS Georgia. By Michael Jordan. (Underwater archaeology, raising the Civil War ironclad vessel in the Savannah River, in Savannah)
The Revolutionary War Battlefield at Purysburg, South Carolina: Search and Discovery.Documenting the Battle of Purysburg (documentary film). (Purysburg is across the Savannah River and upstream from Savannah. Here is the video link. Also there is an archaeology report about it (see below). By Michael Jordan and Dan Kurtz, 2016 (26.4 minutes).
The Battle of Monteith Swamp. By Daniel T. Elliott, 2013 (57.3 MB). [ARPA redacted version].
The Battle of Monteith Swamp (documentary film). (Monteith Swamp Battle is a Civil War battle is in Chatham County, GA.By Michael Jordan, 2011 (14 minutes, 21 seconds):
REPORTS online relating to Savannah area archaeology: Visit this web site and there you can click on the report numbers that you may be interested in
Report 171 Monteith Swamp (Civil War Battlefield Chatham County, GA)
Reports 173 & 174 Revolutionary War (Savannah, GA)
Reports 175 Spring Hill (Savannah, GA)
Report 195 Davenport House (Savannah, GA)
Report 202 Martello Tower (Tybee Island, GA)
Report 203 Fort Jackson (Savannah ,GA)
Report 204 Ga. State Railroad Museum, Savannah History Museum, Visitors Center (Savannah, GA)
Report 209 Purysburg Revolutionary War Battle (Jasper Co, SC)
Revolutionary Mathematics, Language Arts, Social Studies, and Science: Using Archeology and the American Revolution to Teach Otherwise Boring Stuff See:
For a downloadable children’s book about African Americans and archaeology at the Abercorn Site in Savannah, Georgia visit:
For a curriculum about this visit:
Link to list of CSS Georgia ironclad shipwreck curricula by teachers and archaeologists:
For additional information about the shipwreck and underwater archaeology on it in Savannah see:

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