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Battles of Lovejoy Revisited
November 14, 2009

Archaeological field research documenting the various Civil War engagements near Lovejoy, Georgia will resume in December, 2009. The research is spearheaded by the Georgia Department of Transportation and Southeastern Archeological Services, Inc., Athens, Georgia. This effort will focus on a proposed highway corridor for improving traffic on Jonesboro Road. Preliminary survey work revealed that this path crosses many Civil War battlefield resources.Battles took place along this strip of land in August, September and November, 1864. The upcoming research will serve to better document these resources and to recover data from the highway corridor. This should prove to be an enlightening retelling of the final days in the struggle for control of Atlanta, and the very beginnings of Major General William Tecumseh Sherman’s March to the Sea campaign.

Gunflints in Georgia and Adjacent Parts
November 4, 2009

Presentation at SEAC Mobile, 2009, by Daniel T. Elliott, The LAMAR Institute.

Gunflints in GeorgiaSEAC2009_FINAL

Gunflints from Sansavilla Bluff