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Monteith Swamp Battlefield-Week Two
November 20, 2010

Here is a brief update on LAMAR Institute’s Civil War battlefield survey at Monteith Swamp, Chatham and Effingham Counties, Georgia. We located two good portions of the battlefield. One is in the northwest corner of Harrison’s Field and the other is further north in the swamp margin. Finds include grapeshot, bullets, a scabbard tip. Other finds may be related to the Civil War period, including cut lead, cut brass, many 19th century buttons, and various iron and brass hardware. We also found a fine specimen of earlier U.S. button. Today we covered part of the battle with Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR) coverage. Late in the afternoon we discovered the northern battle area. Tired again, breaking for Thanksgiving and Christmas.

Monteith Swamp Battlefield Survey
November 12, 2010

Survey of the Civil War battlefield began this week at Monteith Swamp in Chatham and Effingham Counties, Georgia. After a slow two days, on the third day we were rewarded with about two dozen iron grapeshot and about a dozen fired brass percussion caps that clued us into the battlefield landscape. Since then we have been plugging along unearthing and mapping an assortment of battle and post-battle objects in Harrison’s Field. Dog tired tonight after a week working in beautiful weather. A flock of turkeys kept a watchful eye on the crew. More later.

New Old Fort Jackson Artifacts Discovered | WSAV TV
November 12, 2010

New Old Fort Jackson Artifacts Discovered | WSAV TV.

Click link above for TV news story on Rita Elliott’s excavations at Fort Jackson, Savannah, Georgia. She found some cool stuff, artillery related, not shown in the news story.