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AMDA Workshop in Charleston
July 30, 2018

Dug Gap Battlefield Survey 2011

Dug Gap Battlefield, Union Right Flank

The group Advanced Metal Detecting for the Archaeologist (AMDA) has a workshop planned for Charleston, South Carolina in November, 2018. Click AMDA CHARLESTON for more information.

Of cannonballs and grapeshot
July 11, 2018

Little Danny is currently engrossed in a study of the elemental content of cast iron cannonballs and grapeshot (or case shot) from Revolutionary War sites in Georgia and South Carolina. Thus far he has sampled (with a Bruker III-V) ray gun, examples from Camden, Charleston, Ebenezer, Fort Motte, Kettle Creek, Ninety-Xix, Purysburg, Savannah, Sunbury and Tar Bluff. The sample size is growing! The results of this study will be presented at the 2018 International Fields of Conflict Conference in Connecticut later this year. Hurrah for pXRF!