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Sewage plant skeptics blast EPD study
May 29, 2009

Sewage plant skeptics blast EPD study

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Georgia in the War of 1812: An Archaeological Perspective
May 27, 2009

Georgia in the War of 1812: An Archaeological Perspective

Do you know what happens in 3 years? It’s the bicentennial of the War of 1812; America’s other war with England!

On Saturday, May 30 at 2pm Fort Morris State Historic Site will host Daniel T. Elliott, President of the LAMAR Institute, who will discuss events & archaeology pertaining to Georgia in the War of 1812. Places discussed will be Sunbury, Ft Defiance, St Marys, Point Peter, Savannah, Ft Hawkins & various Lower Creek settlements. There will be Q&A time and artifact identification. Reservations are recommended. Please call 912-884-5999 or email or for more information or to reserve your seat now.

Fort Morris is located seven miles east of I-95, exit #76. Follow the brown Liberty Trail signs. Admission is $4.00 for adults, $3.50 for seniors (62 & above), $2.75 for youth (6-18), children 5 and under are free. For those who do not know, Fort Morris is the name of the fort for the American Revolution, but was re-named Fort Defiance for the War of 1812.

Hope to see you Saturday, and please spread the word.

Latest news about Fort Morris, from May 29, The Coastal Courier:

Cuts to hit Fort Morris hard

Historic site to be cut to three days a week

Re-enactors fire a cannon at Fort Morris at one of its many historic re-enactments.

Photo by Joe Parker Jr.
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Other cuts

Other DNR reorganization tactics include:
• Reducing services and access at five state parks.
• Reducing operational days and/or pursuing community support at 12 state historic sites.
• Eliminating 12 percent of the workforce and implementing furloughs.
• Increasing fees for accommodations, recreational activities, interpretive programs and parking.
• Pursuing alternative operation of lodges and golf courses.
• Limiting swimming pool operations.

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By Lauren Hunsberger
Staff writer
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The Department of Natural Resources has named Fort Morris Historic Site in Sunbury to a list of state sites that will be forced to reduce hours and services because of a recent 39 percent reduction in state funds and a 24 percent projected loss of revenue.
There were 11 other historic sites and five state parks scheduled for reductions. The cutbacks will affect several of the sites’ different branches.
“My position has been eliminated as of June 15,” said John Reed, a ranger at Fort Morris for more than a year and a half. “Starting July 1, our site will only be open Thursday, Friday and Saturday.”
This is a shortened week for the site, which is currently open to the public Wednesday through Sunday and on Tuesday to private parties. Reed thinks the park will keep the same hours, 9 a.m.-5 p.m., but he said that’s not certain.
According to the DNR’s historic preservation division, Fort Morris was registered as a historical site because of its significance in the Revolutionary War history. It experienced the heaviest action in 1776, 1779 and 1812. The site also has been used for many archaeological and re-enactment purposes.
Although he said he knew about DNR employees possibly being asked to take furloughs, he was surprised by the news.
“We were completely blind-sided to be honest,” Reed said.
Representatives from DNR said it was hard to find places to make cuts.
“These decisions were heart-wrenching but were made using a business case analysis,” said DNR Commissioner Chris Clark. “We are exploring every avenue to manage budget reductions and revenue shortfalls, to properly care for our state parks and historic sites, and to minimize the impact on Georgia citizens and communities.”
Members of the DNR have said they will work with outside local parties interested in volunteering or donating time or money to alleviate some of the cutbacks.
“Outsourcing agreements will be used only if they maintain affordable and high-quality services that are more cost-effective than our own operations,” said State Parks and Historic Sites Director Becky Kelley.  “If outsourcing agreements are not possible, if our efforts do not reduce our dependence on state appropriations, or if state revenues continue to decline, further cuts and potential closures of lodges and golf courses are possible.”
Other state groups recently have begun to offer support to the parks.
Andy Fleming, with Friends of Georgia State Parks, said the group is committing resources and energy to finding local sources to make up for the cutbacks.
“We’re encouraging our friend’s chapters [which are in each Georgia county, including Liberty] to see if they can work with park managers to forestall the changes,” Fleming said. “With this new challenge, we have to figure out a way a to fill in the gaps with volunteers. Everyone is hurting.”
For now, Reed said he is unaware of how long the changes will last or if they are permanent, but said he’s not holding his breath.
“It looks like it’s going to be this way for a very long time,” he said.

Slant Six–an Athens band of Archaeologists
May 22, 2009

The Slant Six (aka Slant 6 or Slant VI) was formed in the Summer of 1981 in a tiny green tin house on the Commerce Highway, several miles north of Athens, Georgia. This house was a converted garage and was then rented by one archaeologist named Elliott.  The landlady was a elderly beautician and former local pornographic film actress of little acclaim. The Reagan-era had quickly trickled down upon the small community of archaeologists and during this period, one archaeologist named Spencer and another named Griffin came to stay in the green metal house for a few weeks. One evening one archaeologist named Schoettmer dropped by for a few cold ones and before the night was done, the band was solidified. Why the name Slant 6 you ask? The name Slant 6 was not chosen because three members of the band drove Dodge-Plymouth products with the enduring Slant-6 engine, just as R.E.M. was not named for Rapid Eye Movement–yeah right! The original Slant Six musical revue is not to be confused with numerous late-comers and copy bands. Below is a summary of the legacy of this quintessential archaeology band.

Although the band was formed in 1981, the roots of the band extend back to early June 1977 in Greensboro, Georgia. There, in a former boarding house, 35 University of Georgia Fieldschool students established their home. For those of who that do not remember, 1977 was avery hot year in central Georgia. The 100+ degree temperatures and lack of any cooling forced them onto the expansive front porch for most of their waking hours, when not in the field. Later-to-be Slant VI frontman, Elliott, was given the job of “House Mother” to this herd of archaeology wannabes. Elliott had the only guitar in the house, and soon provided entertainment on the porch. Many songs later performed by the Slant VI began on this porch or other parts of rural Greene County, Georgia.

The Original Band, July, 1981 Lead guitar, harmonica, electric saw, cheap metal detector, and vocals: Daniel Thornton Elliott, Esquire Rhythm guitar and vocals: Jean Spencer Lead vocals: Ronald “Eggplant” Schoettmer Rockem’ Sockem’ Robot guitar, amplified beer can, and token hippie: Michael “Chief” Griffin Haunted Illinois Mental Hospital Saxophone and Manager: R. Jerald Ledbetter (in absentia) Performances: Nightly, August 1981, Twila Motel, Leachville, Arkansas Tunes from this Phase of the Band’s Existence included: Pencil-necked Geek Mastodon Stomp Ice Cream Social Leapin’ Into Leachville The Bible.

The Band, October to December, 1981 Ditto: Elliott, Spencer, Schoettmer, and Griffin Bass guitar: Mark Williams Accordion: Chad Braley Manager: Cynthia Leigh Williams Performances: Halloween, 1981, Constantine Comolli Mansion, Elberton, Georgia December, 1981, Coffee Club, Athens, Georgia Tunes from this Phase of the Band’s Existence included: Ramona Double Fisted Sister Twister Plymouth Rock Immaculate Misconception

The Band, April 1982 Ditto: Elliott, Spencer, Schoettmer, and Griffin Occasional Lead Guitars: Bones and High Gear Performances: House on a Hillside above a Cave and Sinkhole and Next Door to the former Grand Dragon of the KKK, Erin, Tennessee Tunes from this Phase of the Band’s Existence included: I Need a Sedative Arctic Circle Jerk Mike the Trilobite I’ve Got a Speech Problem Jumper Cables Pine Sol Biscuits Watsnu Pussycat? or Wayward Paleoindians Do Tom Jones, I am a Mass Murderer.

The Band, 1983 and 1984 Ditto: Elliott, Spencer, Schoettmer, Williams, and Braley Drums: W. Dean Wood 2nd Lead guitar: Gary Shapiro Production Engineer: Jim Hawkins Manager: Cynthia Leigh Williams (1983) Performances: Summer 1983 and 1984, Uptown Lounge, Athens, Georgia Tunes from this Phase of the Band’s Existence included: We are the Beef People Drive Me Crazy French and Indian Dip Highway 15 Woodstork, Palm of My Hand, Hey Buddy!

The Band, 1987 Ditto: Elliott, Spencer, Schoettmer, Williams, Braley, Wood, and Shapiro Mandolin: Jim Errante Clarinet: William Marquardt Master of Ceremonies: Vincent Macek Performances: Southeastern Archaeological Conference, Charleston, South Carolina Tunes from this Phase of the Band’s Existence included: Flippa’ The Band, 1990 Ditto: Elliott, Spencer, Schoettmer, Williams, Braley and Wood Mandolin: Jim Errante Clarinet: William Marquardt Master of Ceremonies: Vincent Macek Performances: Society for American Archaeology, International Ballroom, Atlanta, Georgia Tunes from this Phase of the Band’s Existence included: Third of a Fifth Pitiful covers of old favorites, including Mudcat and Key to the Highway

The Band, 1999 Ditto: Elliott, Williams, Braley, and Wood Keyboards: Chris LeBlanc 2nd Lead guitar: Scot Keith 2nd Bass guitar: William Zimmerman, IV. Performances: Society for Georgia Archaeology Reception, Columbus, Georgia Tunes from this Phase of the Band’s Existence included: The Bart Simpson on a Stick March.

The Band, 2000 Ditto: Elliott, Schoettmer, Williams, Braley, and Wood 2nd Lead guitar: Matt Wood 2nd Bass guitar: William Zimmerman, IV Performances: Southeastern Archaeological Conference, Georgia Music Hall of Fame, Macon, Georgia. This was a lackluster-era in the band’s history. Actually, this performance really sucked! But hey, we did play the Georgia Music Hall of Fame!!!


Stoned on the Rock
Words and music by Daniel T. Elliott and Paul Arthur Webb, Siloam, Georgia 1977.

Key of G

Jesus gave me papers,
He gave me his roach clip,
He even gave me matches,
He said, “here, take a hit!”
I took a toke for Jesus,
And now I’m stoned on life,
I’m stoned on the rock of Jesus Christ,

Oh Lord I’m Stoned on the Rock,
Stoned on the Rock,
Stoned on the Rock of Jesus Christ,
Of Jesus Christ,
Oh Well I’m Stoned on the Rock,
Oh Yes I’m Stoned on the Rock,
Stoned on the Rock of Jesus Christ.

The cop he pulled me over,
He said, “You sure looked stoned!”
I said, “It’s just a headache,
won’t you please take me home?”
A voice rang out from Heaven,
“The Kid is Stoned on Pot!”
I said, “Gee thanks Jesus”,
“Goddammit, thanks a lot!”, and now I’m,


Now Christ has a great personality,
Lord knows he sure can cook,
Anyway you look at it,
He’s O.K. in my book,
Every time I’m horny,
He sets me up with twat,
And everytime I wanna get stoned,
He lets me smoke his pot and now I’m,


The Bible

Words and Music by Daniel T. Elliott, Erin, Tennessee, March, 1982

Key of E

On the first day, God created the heavens and the earth,

On the second day, he created the Slant Six engine,

On the third day, he created the Electric guitar,

And on the fourth day, on the fourth day,

He created this Big Fat Red Man, who started giving away free things, and this Rabbit that was laying eggs,

Oh but he wouldn’t let Poor Jesus, let Poor Jesus, play in any reindeer games, He said,


Jesus, with your nose so bright,

Won’t you guide my sleigh tonight?

Jesus, with your nose so bright,

Won’t you guide my sleigh tonight?


And this Big Fat Red Man,

Was givin’ away free things,

And this Rabbit was layin’ eggs,

This Big Fat Red Man,

Was givin’ away free things,

And this Rabbit was layin’ eggs,

But they wouldn’t let poor Jesus, let poor Jesus,

Play in any reindeer games,

No, they wouldn’t let poor Jesus, let poor Jesus,

Play in any reindeer games,

They said,

[REPEAT CHORUSES 1 & 2 to infinity]

Burned Beyond Recognition

Words and music by Daniel T. Elliott, Granite Village, Nova Scotia, January, 1982.

Key of G

I went to the welding shop today,
To see my little girl,
I wanted to see what she had to say,
My mind was in a swirl,
I asked her if she’d been cheatin on me,
I had a good idea that she might be,
But she turned around with her welding torch,
The first thing you know,
My body was scorched,

And I’ve been burned, fried,
Battered up, roasted and broasted,
Your love set me on fire,
Til like a piece of bread I was toasted.

Yes I’ve been burned, fired,
Heated to the point of ignition,
Your love set me on fire,
Til I was burned beyond recognition.



Words and Music by Daniel T. Elliott, Ronald Schoettmer, and Jean Spencer, Elberton, Georgia, 1981

Ramona changed her mind,

Ramona changed her mind,

We thought she was dead,

But she only changed her head,

You know Ramona changed her mind.

Ramona works all day,

Ramona works all night,

Working so hard she nearly lost it all,

You know Ramona changed her mind.

Ramona changed her mind,

Ramona changed her mind,

We thought she was dead,

But she only changed her head,

You know Ramona changed her mind.

Follow link below for video of instrumental (slightly retarded) version of Ramona:


Ramona (Instrumental)_The Slant Six
Uploaded by dantelliott. – Explore more music videos.

Now then, a little background information about the song, Ramona:

Ramona was a large doll. It was late September, 1982. We found her in a dump in Elbert County, Georgia, mixed with debris from a cemetery, including faded plastic flowers and rotted green styrofoam. The debris was piled on an earlier dump of cut granite fragments. Elberton prides itself as granite capitol of the world. I prefer the title, “tombstone capitol of the world”. So, obviously we couldn’t just leave Ramona lying there, so we took her back to our archaeology fieldhouse, the Constantine Comoli mansion in Elberton. [This grand palace, complete with a dedicated telephone room and a toaster room, has since been bulldozed to make way for a widened highway.] Ramona simply loved her new home. We were curious and inspected her for any diagnostic information, for which we were immediately rewarded. Let me first describe her to you. Ramona stood about 2 feet tall, she wore a pink fluffy dress and a simple faux pearl necklace, she had red hair and her face was green. The green was acquired from decades of repose in a graveyard. On her upper chest was written in red ink, “Dec. 25, 1957”. Curiouser and curiouser she became. She made herself comfortable in our den bookcase. Now on a separate reconnaissance trip several days later, Dean and I were riding out a rural dirt road in Elbert County when we spied something odd in the middle of the road. It was a goat skull, well aged and apparently drug into the road by a neighborhood dog. The skull was impressive with its large twisted horns and it immediately went into our vehicle and we returned to the field house.

Now I should mention that Ron, our lead singer, was visiting us and Ron and I discussed making a photo-essay with Ramona Comoli as the subject. One thing led to another, we purchased a jar of peanut butter and with camera and Ramona in hand, we headed for the abandoned granite quarry on the west side of town (the one seen in the movie, Breaking Away). Our intent was to smear peanut butter over Ramona and film the thousands of stunted bream, who called the quarry pond home, as they feasted on Ramona. What we did not anticipate, however, was the laziness and timidity of these fish. They were hungry, for sure, but they waited for the chunks of peanut butter to drift down. They were apparently afraid of Ramona, maybe it was the green face.

Dejected and disappointed, we returned home with a soggy Ramona. We returned to a raging fire in the fireplace and we set Ramona by the fire to dry. Ron removed her head and we discovered it filled with wet cotton. While the contents of her head were drying, Ron held up the headless body and paired it with the body-less goat head, and thus, Ramon had changed her mind.

Ramona worked for a while in October and November as a figurehead on our john boat. She led the way through the fog across the Savannah River to Paris Island. As the archaeological excavation progressed, Ramona volunteered to serve security duty. She suspended herself on a rope over our block excavation to ensure that evil doers did not do evil in our Late Archaic bonanza. She and Roy Dickens met there and struck up a friendship-cut short by his early death.

Fast forward to the Coffee Club in early December, 1982, Ramona took the stage with the rest of the band. She was a smash hit. When the music finally ended around five in the morning, Ramona parted ways with the band. She was taken by the lady who ran the Coffee Club, we thought it was just a short term loan, sort of an Athens stay-cation, but the Coffee Club closed down and the owner moved to New York City, taking Ramona with her for all we know. Her picture never appeared on a milk carton and we never saw Ramona again. I have some faded photographs in a box somewhere, and Chief still has her eyeball in his “Table of Neat Weird Things”, but mostly Ramona is remembered in song.

Translations of Two Letters from Ebenezer to the SPCK, 1739
May 22, 2009

Translations of Two Letters from Ebenezer to the SPCK, 1739

A Translation of a Letter out of High Dutch, from the Saltzburgers at Ebenezer to their Benefactors in Europe.

WE, whose Names are underwritten, the Saltzburgers and all the Members of the Communion of Ebenezer in Georgia in America, present our mos t humble and most dutiful Respects, and good Wishes to all our kind Benefactors and Benefactresses in England and Germany, of all Ranks and Conditions whatsoever. To the Praise of Almighty God we often call to remembrance all the spiritual and temporal Kind- nesses and Favours which we have received from many Thousands of true Protestant Christians, since our going out from Saltzburg our native Place, and sojourning in Protestant Countries ; and therefore we think it our bounden Duty, as long as we live, humbly to implore our gracious Lord, in the Name of Jesus Christ, through the Assistance of the Holy Ghost, who has inclined their Hearts to Charity and good Will towards us, that He would be pleased according to his great Mercy to reward all their Works of Love with abundant Blessings in the Life that now is, and in that which is to come. The wonderful and all-wise Providence having open’d a Way for us to go to Georgia, a new Colony, begun in good measure for the Refuge and Support of persecuted and distressed Protestants ; and we, after a previous due Consideration of the Will of God, having gone thither with a full Inclination and Chearfulness of Mind: The Love and Benevolence- of our ever honoured Benefactors towards us despised People has not been altered in the least, but we have had the comfortable Experience of it ‘ in many Instances, as well at our Departure from ‘ Europe as also ever since at Ebenezer ; the Place, where, by God’s Assistance and Blessing, we have taken up our Abode. Before we left Germany we were provided with necessary Protestant Books, and such as we still wanted have been sent after us in such plenty, that we cannot sufficiently praise the ‘ Lord for those Blessings. Upon our Arrival in ‘ this Country, wherein we were quite Strangers, we found the want of Linnen and other Necessaries for the cloathing of our Bodies ; but God Almighty has beyond our Expectation so graciously order’d it, that from Year to Year, by the kind Contributions of several Benefactors, a good Stock thereof has been sent to us, which has filled our Hearts with Praise and Thanksgiving : And tho’ an uncultivated Country, in a new Climate, together with a Way of Living quite different from what we were accustomed to before, could not but occasion various ‘ Diseases and Distempers, as did likewise the Want of Shoes and other Necessities among our Poor ; yet the merciful God has inclined the Hearts of our worthy Benefactors, to make Remittances from time c to time for these Purposes into the Hands of our Ministers, and more particularly we have been sufficiently provided with excellent Medicines, which have often had their desired Effect. Besides the liberal Charities in Money given to the Third Transport, as also to some of the Second, who came from Lindau to Ebenezer, and since that, to the seven new Colonists ; the All-sufficient God has likewise continually blessed us with such Supplies, that we 1 have been able both to erect and support an Orphan- ‘ House or Hospital among us ; which has been very ‘ much to the spiritual and temporal Advantage of’ the whole Congregation ; and will continue to be so, if, as we wish and pray, the Fountain of God’s Mercy mall still flow upon us. We cannot also but esteem it to be a very acceptable Benefit, and worthy of our most sincere Thanks, that so many good and pious Persons in Europe go on to promote our Welfare with their earnest Prayers, Intercessions, good Wishes, Counsels and Christian Exhortations-, but above all we acknowledge, with the deepest Sense of Gratitude, that the Lord, according to his loving Kindness, has largely provided us with his holy Word and Sacraments, together with all things necessary for this Life, particularly with a plentiful Harvest last Year; as also that He has disposed the Honourable the Trustees of Georgia, and the Society for Promoting Cbristian Knowledge, together with other Benefactors in England, to favour and assist us in a singular and extraordinary Manner; for which the Name of the Giver of every good and perfect Gift be for ever praised by us and all our Posterity. In order, therefore, to shew our most worthy Benefactors the real Sense we have of the charitable Gifts and Kindnesses we have receiv’d from them, we think ourselves bound both in Duty and Gratitude to write this Letter in order to be published, wishing from the bottom of our Hearts, that the God of eternal Truth, the Almighty Creator of Heaven and Earth, (who is pleased with Sacrifices of Mercy) may abundantly reward all their Charities bestowed upon us, and so bless this their Seed that they may reap a plentiful Harvest of eternal Joy and Happiness in the Life to come, for our Lord and Saviour will not forget his gracious Promise : Matt. xxv. 34. 36. Then shall the King say unto them on his right band, Come, ye blessed of my Father, inherit the Kingdom prepared for you from the Foundation of the World: for I was an hungry , and ye gave me Meat ; I was thirsty, and ye gave me drink ; I was ‘ a Stranger, and ye took me in ; naked, and ye cloathed me, &c. but will fulfil it to the eternal Satisfaction and Comfort of all such as are not weary in well doing : As long as we live we shall not cease, by the ; Assistance of the Holy Spirit, humbly to implore, in our publick and private Prayers, our heavenly Father, that he would encompass them with his Favour as with a Shield ; and make good to them and their Children all his precious Promises, more; especially that in Psalm xli. I. 3. Blessed is be that considereth the Poor, the Lord will deliver him in the time of Trouble: the Lord will preserve him and keep him alive, and be shall be blessed upon the Earth ; and thou wilt not deliver him unto the Will of his Enemies, the Lord will strengthen him upon the Bed of Languishing; thou wilt make all his Bed in his Sickness. And as we do further humbly conceive, that it will not be unacceptable to such our Friends and Benefactors to be acquainted with our present Circumstances in this new Part of the World; we beg leave to inform them, to the Praise of the living God, who has done all Things well, that we at Ebenezer live in the happy and comfortable Enjoyment of a pure, and plentiful Instruction in the holy Gospel ; of many temporal Blessings ; of all Christian Liberty; of external Tranquility, and good Success in our Undertakings, and also in brotherly Love and Charity to one another: the Sense of which Mercies, even whilst it convinces us of our great Unworthiness, does at the same time make us wish, out of Love to our Brethren and Countrymen in Germany, that they also might be Partakers with us of these Blessings. Our new erected Town, Ebenezer, is situated so very conveniently on the River Savannah, as to be far enough removed from the noise of the World and worldly minded Men. The Land granted for our Plantations is very good, and has even this Year given us a full Proof of its Fertility, and what it is able, by the Blessing of God, to produce. Our Cattle increases; the keeping of Herdsmen to look after them is made easy to us, by their being for the most part maintained by Charity Money sent over from Europe to our Ministers. As to the blessed Effects of the Ministry of our loving Teachers, and what the most gracious God is pleased to do by them for our Souls, Eternity will make appear. The Eyes of many amongst us have been opened in this Wilderness, so that Ebenezer has been to several the Place of their spiritual Birth. Our Place of Divine Worship has been hitherto in a Hut, which in Winter and rainy Seasons is very inconvenient ; nor have we any Place for the Education of our Children ; but we trust God will also therein hear our Prayers, and by the charitable Contributions of well disposed Christians, enable us to build a Church and ‘ School-House. We have already signified these our Wants to some of our Friends in Europe; and may God Almighty so stir up the Hearts of some who « abound in the Blessings of this Life, that they may c give out of their Abundance, what will be sufficient towards railing so necessary and useful Edifices. We conclude this our Letter with commending you, our ever renowned Benefactors, to the everlasting Love of God the Father, to the tender Grace of our Lord Jesus Christ, and to the comfortable Fellowship of the Holy Ghost, now and for evermore; and at the same time assuring you of our constant and earnest Prayers for your true Happiness and Welfare, we remain, with the profoundest Respects,

Your most bumble, (and for so many spiritual and temporal Benefits, in Love and Gratitude) Most obliged Servants,

The Inhabitants of Ebenezer.

Ebenezer in Georgia, 26th Octob. 1739.


A Translation of a Letter out of High Dutch from the Minister of the Saltzburgers at Ebenezer.

Dear and Honoured Benefactors and Friends in Christ our Lord,

We think it our Duty to accompany this Letter of our Congregation with a few Lines, as being, by your Will and Pleasure, intitled to a Share in the many Favours you have bestowed upon them; and, consequently, being obliged to unite with them in Praises and Thanksgivings to God for his Mercies, as well as in humble Intercessions for your Welfare and Happiness. We can assuredly testily of our Saltzburgers, that they have received all the Benefactions sent and distributed to them, with the greatest Humility and Thankfulness, express’d in the most obliging and respectful Terms -, and have made use of them agreeably to the Intent of the Givers, to the Glory of God, and the Relief of their own Necessities. As often as they join with us in Prayer (as we do not only every Day at Evening Prayer, but several times a Week besides, either in our own Houses of theirs when we go to visit them) the Benefactions received are always mentioned with Praise to God, and Wishes for his Blessing on all their Benefactors. They beg of God Almighty to give them Grace to apply all such Benefactions to the End? they are sent for, and that they may be led by this his Goodness towards them to Repentance and Holiness of Life. Altho it is too common for many to spend what is bestowed on them even in Charity in an irregular and sinful Manner, yet we cannot say. this of any one of our Saltzburgers; nay we should ourselves even on any Suspicion of this kind-, have rather kept back the Benefactions designed for such Persons till their Amendment should appear, than to allow a wrong Use of them; in doing which we hope that we act nothing contrary to the Will and Intention of our Benefactors. We can therefore assure all our Patrons and Friends upon our best Knowledge and Conscience, and we hope to their great Satisfaction, that they have not sown the Seed of their Charities upon a barren, but in a fertile Ground at Ebenezer, where it will blossom and bring forth Fruits unto everlasting Life: And since according to the Testimony of the Holy Spirit, this is the Portion of the Righteous, that it mall be well with them, and that they mall eat the Fruit of their Doings; we never mall cease to make our hearty Supplications before our most faithful and merciful Father in Heaven, that He may fulfil on them this and all his other precious Promises; that in return for what they h.ive given so liberally to the poor Saltzburgers, or rather lent unto the Lord, they may receive a thousand fold, through the Merit and Mediation of Jesus Christ. Part of the Charities in Money and other Gifts has been, according to the Pleasure of the Benefactors, a great help to both of us Ministers, in the first settling our Families; for which we humbly ‘ praise the Lord, and return them our most grateful Acknowledgments. The Lord grant unto them, that they may find Mercy of the Lord in ‘ that Day ; and as they have refreshed us so often, they may together with their worthy Families be refreshed in the Presence of the Lord for ever, yea that Goodness and Mercy may follow them all ‘ the Days of their Life.

These, dearest Benefactors, are the hearty Wishes and daily Prayers of Your very obliged humble Servants,

John Martin Boltzius, Minister of the Saltzburgers at Ebenezer. ISRAEL CHRISTIAN GRONAU, Catechist and Assistant to the Congregation of Saltzburgers at Ebenezer.

Ebenezer in Georgia, 26th Octob. 1739.

Source: Thomas, John 1740 No. IV. A Translation of a Letter out of High Dutch, from the Saltzburgers at Ebenezer to their Benefactors in Europe. [and] No. V. A Translation of a Letter out of High Dutch] from the Minister of the Saltzburgers at Ebenezer. A Sermon Preach’d in the Parish-Church of Christ-Church, London; On Thursday May the 8th, 1740…To Which is Annexed, An Account of the Origin and Designs of the Society for Promoting Christian Knowledge, Pp 51-57. M. Downing, London, England.

Extract from SPCK Annual Report for 1773
May 22, 2009

Some Account of the Saltzburghers Settled at Ebenezer, Georgia, 1773.

The Reverend Mr Triebner, in a Letter dated, June 1774, after expressing his Sense of the Divine Mercy, had favoured him with so good a State of Health for the two last Years that he had been very seldom interrupted in discharging his Duty, acquaints the Society that the Word of God had made a good Impression on the Minds of many, among whom were some who had before shown an Aversion to Religion; several secure and profane Persons having, through Sickness and other Afflictions, been brought to ah earnest Reflection on the State of their Souls, and convinced of the Necessity of Repentance, and Faith in our Lord Jesus Christ.

He thanks the Society for all Favours, particularly for the kind Present which they had made him of £20, to enable him to engage a proper Person to undertake the Care of the School; but informs them that, notwithstanding all his Endeavours, it had not been in his Power to procure one. A worthy Man, qualified to teach English and German, was not to be found among his People, and he was fearful of entrusting the Children to a Stranger, with whose Principles and Conduct he was not sufficiently acquainted. He had therefore continued to teach them himself, and, if it pleased God to strengthen him, would proceed in the Work as much as the other Duties of the Congregation would permit. He laments however that the poor Circum(lances of the Generality of the Parents, who need the Assistance of their Children, particularly in Summer, together with the Want of a faithful Master, who could be employed the whole Day, will not allow of the School’s being kept in. the Afternoon as well as Morning.

In the Spring of the Year 1773 eighteen young Persons, who had undergone a five Months Preparation, were admitted the first Time to the Lord’s Supper, having previously renewed their Baptismal Covenant in the Presence of the Congregation; and thirteen were admitted in the fame manner on Easter-Monday last. Notwithstanding the dissolute Manners which prevail among the Youth of the Province, Mr Triebner has the Pleasure to declare that those of his Congregation mow for the most part a sincere Disposition to attend Publick Worship, and to learn, good Principles.

In the last Year he baptized 36 Infants, some of whom were of English Parentage, together with 4 Negro ones, buried 22 Persons, and married 17 Couple. From 35 to 40 Children at Ebenezer, 32 at Bethany, and 20 at Zion were instructed in the Principles of Religion, Reading, Writing* and Arithmetic.


Society for Promoting Christian Knowledge

1774      Some Account of the Saltzburghers Settled at Ebenezer, Georgia, 1773. An Account of the Society for Promoting Christian Knowledge. J. and W. Oliver, London, England.