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Don’t Mess with my Tutu Village
December 23, 2008

The Tutu Archaeological Village Site: A Case Study in Human Adaptation

Book by Elizabeth Righter, editor; Routledge, 2002. 379 pgs. Price around $260 US.


The first prehistoric village ever excavated in the Virgin Islands was located in Tutu, St. Thomas. Archaeologists conducted excavations in the early 1990s prior to the construction of a K-Mart store. Rita Elliott and me (Daniel Thornton Elliott, esquire) were part of the crew for about two weeks.  Elizabeth Righter assembled a fine book detailing the excavation and its findings. Unfortunately we cannot afford the book. For a preview, visit:

Also available online in electronic format:

And this work at Tutu resulted in spin-off research, including this one:

Two views of Tutu:tutu_twoviews1